Dan Hastrey

Renowned composer, music & video producer, vfx artist.

2023-2024: Release of 2 music production albums.


Trailer for the album (Pennybank Tunes)

Tales of the desert


Video productions

Comming soon

Trailer for the album

Halloween symphony

Dan Hastrey

Renowned composer specialised in premium production music.

In addition to his musical career as a producer, songwriter, arranger and lyricist, Dan also composed music for TV programs, film and commercials.  He specializes in orchestral production music, among other styles.

All this combined with his work as a videographer, documentary filmmaker and vfx artist, makes production music an obvious choice as a composer for Dan.

New albums out soon!

In 2024, two new production music albums by Dan Hastrey will be released by French-American publisher Pennybank Tunes with numerous sub publishers
around the world. 

Dan's orchestral and cinematic music stands out from contemporary production music.