'Image and music complete each other'

  Dan Hastrey

Dan began his career as a musician at the age of 15. A few years later, he composed songs and wrote lyrics for various artists.

After a period of study (audio engineering) in Philadelphia (USA), he wrote music for media. Afterwards, he was introduced to digital film technology. He directed and filmed dozens of music videos.

Now he specializes mainly in production music for film, docu and TV programs.


Trailer of Dan's Dutch documentary "The Other Window." An incredible story about autism and the power of music.

Dan also composed the music for this docu.

Music videos

Dan filmed, edited and directed numerous music videos.  "Shades" is one of them. Artist/music: violinist Xander Nichting.

Corporate video

Corporate executives who wanted a cinematic corporate video often called on the experience of Dan Hastrey. This is one of many that he has made.